About us

Arab Elections is a collaborative platform designed to enhance the study of elections in the Arab world for the broader political science field. It produces high-quality data on voting, public opinion, and political participation, among many other topics. The Arab Elections data now contains its first dataset from a Tunisian post-election survey conducted in the framework of the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES).


The mission of the Arab Elections platform is to understand how Arab citizens choose their parties or candidates, how they make sense of the political system around them, and what factors shape their social, economic, and political attitudes. The data is collected by a professional polling firm and covers a wide range of themes and topics. 

These data are a representative snapshot of the population studied. The Arab Elections platform provides scholars, researchers, and analysts interested in the region with publicly available high-quality data to conduct empirical analyses and produce new research projects on Arab societies and politics. Our aim is to enlarge our network and cover more election studies in future modules from other Arab countries. We are interested in making this possible for every election cycle and for as many Arab countries as possible. 


The Arab Elections surveys are thematic surveys, carried out on a wide variety of topics relevant to diverse disciplines such as political science, sociology, economy, and public policy. They are publicly available high-quality surveys conducted face-to-face. They contribute to the study and understanding of Arab citizens’ views and attitudes on a wide array of issues, particularly electoral behavior at the time of national elections.